Stupid is as stupid does

About ten years ago, I’ve seen the movie ‘Forrest Grump’. Forrest always said  ‘Stupid is as stupid does’, I was impressed. The schoolmaster said Forrest possesses an IQ of only 77, but you can’t really think Forrest Grump is stupid, can you?  Anyway, Forrest took us across over America with his running steps and the human basic goodness, but, the schoolmaster only got his mother just like a piece of shit, right? So who is stupid?

Actually, in my life, there are many people often ask me ‘Oh, you are foolish, your hard work goes to others, but no appreciated from them, don’t you wanna say anything else?’ ,  ‘Hey!  Why you let off him lightly?’. Well, everybody knows what happens in the end, I was considered to be a stupid, but who care? Stupid is as stupid does. Finally, I gained the trust from those kind-hearted people,  I learned how to protect myself from the hurt, and I know love‘s only special when you give it to someone who isreally worth it. So I’m no longer depressed and I’m stronger, and I will be better.

Every times when someone told me he’s so sad for his ‘stupid’, I told him if you’re sure you never meant to harm anyone, just do it until you don’t wanna do it. Stupid is as stupid does, right?


Picture is from Loren Javier

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